Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8Sunday/05-10-2015: Wants and Needs


Welcome to another entry into the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This snippet is taken from my WiP, Lessons of War. Three hundred years after the death of the last Emperor of the Third Dynasty, the Throne of Stars, the seat of the galactic empire sits empty. But the recent death of the Duke and Duchess de Havilland has altered the status quo. The conversations between Duke de Havilland and Margaret continues in the battlements of Caer de Havilland:

 “Need you?”

She took a step forward, “Yes, you need me. Whatever life you thought you had, whatever career you saw for yourself, it’s gone. You are now Duke Edward the Fifth of House Major de Havilland and ruler over billions of lives. No one can do what you need to do alone.”

I took a deep breath, “And how exactly are you going to help me?”

“As a assistant, a confidant and if need be, a friend. I will stand where my father stood, by the side of Duke de Havilland,” she said.

I hope you enjoyed the latest snippet. As always, make sure to visit and comment on the other blogs. Every bit of input helps.


14 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8Sunday/05-10-2015: Wants and Needs

  1. “… if need be, a friend… “. This sounds like one pragmatic lady. Can’t say that I envy the new Duke.


  2. Great setup. Well done.


  3. I think she knows a lot about what he’s going to be dealing with. I loved her pragmatism (there really isn’t any other word for it). Excellent excerpt!

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  4. No one can do a job so big alone–and everyone needs one person, at least, they can trust. Good for her for knowing that!

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  5. Margaret clearly knows what she’s in for in the future. Our young Duke on the other hand….

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  6. I like it. It’s a great set up for what promises to be some great dramatic elements.


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