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TV Tropes Monday: Eagleland



Tweet of the Day: Introducing a Sublime Storyteller


America the Beautiful, or America the Ass-Backward Land of Stupidity, take you pick or mix and match.

Either way, careful where you step, for this is Eagleland.

This is a super-trope that encapsulates how the rest of the world (at different times in the last 200+ years) view the country officially known as the United States of America. Also known as the Colonies, America, the States, the Empire, the City on the Hill, the Land with Streets Paved with Gold, the Land of Opportunity, the Arsenal of Democracy, and so on and so forth. What is really interesting about this trope is that while it’s how others view the U.S. this views have been shaped, by enlarge, by American institutions, specifically Hollywood. In essence it is a reflection of a reflection that creates a weird lensing effect. A few aspects are both highlighted and condensed in such a way as to create a recognizable yet inconsistent view of the country.

It also serves as a mirror to the author/speaker/creator’s view of the country as well as the time and place of the story. A Soviet citizen in the 1950s might not have a favorable of the United States, unless they are dissident, in which case the country might look like a paradise in comparison to his native land. A 19th century Latin American revolutionary might see American leaders as kindred spirits, but a late 20th century one might see them as their greatest threat.

In the end, this trope will reflect not only the way the U.S. is viewed by others, but how others perceive their own situation vis-a-vis the U.S.


One comment on “TV Tropes Monday: Eagleland

  1. Living in Africa, we have an even more distorted picture. That ‘weird lensing effect’ is very apparent.


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