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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Battle of New Bristol Continues


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ANN News Desk

On location in Chav

January 27, 2197

Battle of New Bristol Continues

by Lionel Storm

NEW BRISTOL, CHAV– Alliance units and allied local militias continue to battle rebel forces backed by Cerberus in and around the colonial capital of New Bristol. Allied forces claim to have secured the outer industrial areas late last night and are moving into the working class middle suburbs of the city. They are composed of mostly prefabs set up to accommodate the influx of refugees generated by the Reaper invasion of 2186 and consolidated as mix race (mostly humans and salarians) neighborhoods of middle class and working class economic status.  While the Alliance controls the space above the city, Cerberus uses mechs, snipers and armed drones to disrupt allied movements. Cerberus has even used shuttles loaded with anti-matter warheads as crude cruise missiles against key allied targets with minimum success.

But while the focus is on New Bristol, allied forces have encircled other major urban centers in an attempt to prevent enemy forces from linking up. The local 44th Regiment (Mechanized), known as the Grey Rats, fought a three hour long battle against a group attempting to break out of the city of Jarvis. The regiment suffered light casualties (9 killed, 15 wounded) in the engagement while the remnants of the enemy where forced to retreat back into the city.

While the Alliance has not released any official casualty numbers, the estimates run in the hundreds for the allies and in the thousands for the enemy. Civilian casualties are unknown but the Alliance has set up screening facilities in the burgeoning refugee camps to filter out infiltrators and Cerberus collaborators.

Report filed on location by non embedded reporter.


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