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Wizards’ World War (s.4)- Dispatch 3: Santa Ana


Tweet of the Day: Humanoid Aliens – How Much Likeness is Plausible


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Along Interstate 110, City of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, December 15, 07:04 -8 GMT

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Steel, U.S. Army retired, watched the traffic along the highway. Cars of all makes and sizes crawled bumper to bumper at speeds of less than five miles per hour. The colonel, as his men knew him, double checked his fifteen hundred dollar watch, a gift from his men on the day of he retired from service. He had served his country from Afghanistan to Nicaragua, doing what needed to be done. But the panty waste politicos in D.C. didn’t have the stomach for that sort of thing. So they encouraged him to retire in the hope that he would disappear into the night The same politicians that served their country in a silver platter to foreigners, heathens, and witches. Luckily his new employers saw things differently. The time had come to steer a new course, and what better place to start than in the heart of the West Coast liberal elites, a city smeared with the collective sins of millions of fallen angels.


A large fuel tanker in the middle north lane exploded in a gigantic fireball. Ten Type 63 multiple rocket launchers hidden along the route fired one-hundred and twenty high explosive rockets. Four mortar teams raked the area with high explosive shells fused to exploded above the heads of the commuters. Each team had thirty shells and one in three was filled with white phosphorus. The combination of fire, explosions and toxic burning smoke sent hundreds of civilians in panicked flight. Screams mixed with explosions as cars caught fire and added their flames to the inferno. Those unlucky enough to not die in the initial explosions saw their flesh melt before their very eyes as thick white smoke filled their lungs. Above the fray a dozen news helicopters converged on the scene.


The mortar teams packed up and egress the area. Steel looked up a handful of social media sites on his phone. Pictures of the carnage flooded the more popular sites. What would have taken days if not weeks to transmit via word of mouth in the jungles of El Salvador now took seconds. He knew that initial reports would inflate the death told, but he didn’t need a lot of dead, he needed the witnesses: their sobs stories in front of the cameras, their shock vacant eyes as their minds tried to comprehend the horrors that would hunt them to the last second of their lives. He planted the seeds of terror, the media would take care of the rest.


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