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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Sheryl Stone Kicks Off Tour


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Alliance News Entertainment Desk

January 20, 2197

Sheryl Stone Kicks Off Tour

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN –The new Synth-Pop sensation Sheryl Stone is kicking her new Citadel Space tour next month. The young singer-songwriter born in the Skyllian Verge colony of Arborea (Arvandor System/Hades Gamma Cluster) rocketed to the number one position in the the intergalactic pop charts with the hit single Rise which served as the theme of  first season of the hit extranet show Champions of the Terminus.

The tour, titled Reach for the Stars, will kick off with a series of concerts and media presentations on Milgrom on February 1, and will visit multiple worlds across Citadel space. Along side payed venues Stone has schedule several free concerts aboard key System Alliance military installations including one aboard the SSV Einstein.  Sheryl’s show on the Einstein will follow an exclusive live showing of the season finale of Champions of the Terminus for the crew twenty-four hours before the official broadcast on the extranet on May 3rd.

Joan Calder is a correspondent for ANN Entertainment Division.



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