Weekend Writing Warriors/#8/04-19-2015: Old Flame


Welcome to another entry into the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This snippet is taken from my WiP, Lessons of War. Three hundred years after the death of the last Emperor of the Third Dynasty, the Throne of Stars, the seat of the galactic empire sits empty. But the recent death of the Duke and Duchess de Havilland has altered the status quo. We return to Caer de Havilland as the new Duke settles down to the day to day work of managing an entire galactic arm. To that end his Chief of Staff, Caratacus, has set up a series of interviews for a personal assistant to the duke.

 “He seems very competent, all of them seem very competent, but if I want someone to follow me around. I have these two,” I pointed at the wolf hounds snoozing at the foot of the desk, “to keep me company.”

“Yes your grace. I do not doubt their loyalty. However their record keeping leaves much to be desired,” said Cara.

“Fine, whose next?” I asked.

A young woman stepped through the threshold, with a smattering of dark freckles on her sun kissed cheeks. How could I forget the face of my first friend and my first love.

She bowed, “Margaret Seville at your service, your grace.”

Things seem to be getting very interesting in Caer de Havilland. I hoped you enjoyed this brief look into my current WiP and make sure to click on the link above for more great snippets.

12 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8/04-19-2015: Old Flame

  1. This is a wonderful transition from the detached air of the Duke to a sudden heightened interest in the young lady. Great job.

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  2. Those dang hounds and their crummy record-keeping skills! On the other hand, it looks like it created an opening for an old flame. Which is always fun. And awkward.

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  3. Hmmm! Things are going to get very interesting. (I agree that hounds are inclined to eat the homework.)


  4. Great eight! Love when people say Your Grace . . . puts me instantly in mind of the Tudors ❤

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  5. Uh oh. I foresee the possibility of office hanky panky and a sexual harassment lawsuit!


  6. Uh oh, very promising development. I LOVE your writing, so smooth…great 8!


  7. Things are bound to get interesting now. 🙂


  8. The interaction between the Duke and Cara is great. I wonder how Margaret will fit into the Duke’s current life.

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