Space for Rent: No Gurlz Allowed!


Tweet of the Day: The Hugo Awards Were Always Political. But Now They’re Only Political.


You know, I was ready to dig into the whole Puppy Gate/Hugo Award mess. But here is the thing, I have written extensively about in the past, from other “gates” to sci-fi ghettos, and diversity in general. I could rehash all of that or simply point you in the right direction and let you, oh gentle reader, explore the topics at leisure.  Feel free to kick off the discussion below or in any of the pages I link to:

External Links:

The Ever Wonderful Natalie Luhrs: More Thoughts on the 2015 Hugo Awards

GRR Marin Jumps into the Fray: George RR Martin says rightwing lobby had ‘broken’ the Hugo Awards

A Victim of Racism in the Sci-Fi Community Tells it Like it is: Fantasy Writer N.K. Jemisin Explains the Rise of Racism in Fandom

Looking for Your Own Diverse Slate? Your Brief And Wondrous Guide To Contemporary Queer Comics

Links to My Stuff:

My Thoughts on GamerGate.

These Ladies Rock! Skin in the Game

Diversity Is Not a Zero Sum Game: Diversity vs. Tribalism

GamerGate Backfires on The Escapist

Get Out of The Ghetto or Stay Trapped Inside: Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricade

Girl Cooties! Time to Set Fire to the Wagons

Genre Fiction is All Kind of Message Driven: Genre as Argument

Oh and for those who want to keep their politics out of art, have yourself a couple of reality checks:

Politics in Video Games

Morality in Video Games


Anyway, that is all I got for you tonight. Now, here is Wonderwall….

2 comments on “Space for Rent: No Gurlz Allowed!

  1. It’s kinda sad that this stuff seems so prevalent that it’s just tiring. The Hugo awards seem irrelevant now, and much of the interwebs are wasted on useless yelling. There are times when it’s necessary to stand up and say what you believe, but there are also times you have to put your head down and focus on your own work, not adding to the mess.

    btw, the Natalie Luhrs link seems to be broken.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll check on that. Thanks. As for being tiring, yes it can be, so I just take a break and start a new. I can at least afford that. Others can not. The link should be working now.


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