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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: D-Day on Chav


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ANN News Desk

On location in Chav

January 16, 2197

D-Day on Chav

by Lionel Storm

NEW BRISTOL, CHAV– Fighting continues in the city of New Bristol as a combined force of Systems Alliance Marines and local militias loyal to President Lee battle rebel forces aided by Cerberus. In a single attack, code named Operation Stainless Steel, Alliance Navy units removed the Cerberus fleet blockading the planet and moved to secure key targets in the capital. Colonel Diandra Puller, commander of the 65th Infantry Regiment (Special Forces) had this to say about the opposition encountered:

Resistance has been and continues to be stiff. Cerberus employs a great deal of snipers to slow down our advance and counter attacks with infantry squads supported by Atlas heavy mechs. Not only that, but cloaked units constantly attempt to infiltrate our rear areas, so far with few successes. We do have aerospace superiority over battle space which added to our momentum should win the day for us.

The Alliance has downplayed the role of booby traps and other hazards laid down by the defenders. At least one company headquarters was lost when the building they occupied detonated earlier today. The exact number of casualties are unknown but it was followed by a furious action that included the constant use of gunships and fighters to defend the Alliance positions around Hill 89, known locally as the Pelican’s Perch. Nor do official reports account for the extensive damage done to the city infrastructure in the first twenty-four hours of the invasion.

The Alliance has not released any estimates of when they expect their objectives to be secured.

Report filed on location by non embedded reporter.


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