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TV Tropes Monday: Enemy Chatter


Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa- Oh, Brother!


Enemy Chatter is another trope ripped from modern video games. As the name implies, it is the chatter or talk between enemies whether they are engaged in combat or not, often the latter. This is nothing new, as movies and TV have been doing this for a very long time, but more noticeable in games, because it may cause the player to pause what they are doing to listen and perhaps rethink sinking a K-bar on their spine.

Or not.

But this trope does more than humanize NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and give a bit of color to the setting. It is a good way of delivering bits of exposition without forcing the player into a cut scene (and the dreaded Prisoners-Plot Dilemma) or presenting a wall of text. And since it is done through spoken dialogue it injects not only information but tone as well.

But, and you knew that this was coming, due to programing (as well as budget) limitations, these conversations can come of as stilted if not repetitive.

So use with care.



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