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TV Tropes Monday: Abandoned Laboratory


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The Abandoned Laboratory is a setting very similar to the Abandoned Hospital, and not just not in name. Sterile or formerly sterile environments evoke a sense of inhumanity, of unnaturalness. But it has its own added horrors beyond decay and disease. An abandoned lab is usually festooned wide bodies of those who worked there, and often showing the way they met their end. It also contains whatever killed them, be they some sort of undead, creepy crawlies (be they a swarm of bugs or a few giant wants, maybe a mix of both), shambling imitations of human life, alien life forms from beyond time and space, and the odd soul-sucking vortex to a hellish dimension.

Video games love this setting as a place the players have to go into, as opposed to the hospital which is somewhere they have to escape from. The reason why you go into the lab is to find out what happened there and part of the challenge (as well as the horror) is discovering, in graphic detail, exactly what went Horribly Wrong/Horribly Right. The player/protagonist will find scattered clues that hint at the magnitude of the disasters: research notes, office emails, personal diaries, the works. Depending on which side of the “we effed up” trope the author is playing with, it may well be a group of well meaning researchers who had their experiment(s) go out of control or it may be an unethical (and often sadistic) scientist willing to torture his subjects to extract every bit of delicious data for ungodly ends.

And as final note, it is always possible that whatever the lab contains, is well, contained in said lab, meaning that  the protagonist actions may release it into the wider world. That often leads to a final scramble to trap or kill whatever is inside before it’s too late.

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One comment on “TV Tropes Monday: Abandoned Laboratory

  1. Great info. Thanks so much for all the details. I’m tweeting about it.


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