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Welcome to another entry into the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This snippet is taken from my WiP, Lessons of War. Three hundred years after the death of the last Emperor of the Third Dynasty, the Throne of Stars, the seat of the galactic empire sits empty. But the recent death of the Duke and Duchess de Havilland has altered the status quo. In this scene First Elector of House Kaiser, Lady Andrea and a ranking official from the Imperial Bureaucratic Corps, Dame Lynn-Parker are joined by Lady Galeena a Volpus (fox analog sentient species) from House Garou, also known as the Alien House. Lady Andrea provides the narration:

I recognized Lady Galeena from many an intelligence briefing on House Garou. She was a leading figure among the so called imperial faction who wished to keep their House tied to the imperial system even without an emperor on the Throne of Stars. Her conical ears turned inward as she took a seat at the table.

“I could not help but hear something about the new Duke de Havilland. I found him rather charming, for a human,” she said with a toothy grin.

I placed my teacup on its saucer, “I thought this were trade negotiations.  House Kaiser history with House Garou has nothing to do with that, my dear Dame Lynn-Parker.”

Dame Lynn-Parker put out her cigarette, “I took the liberty of arranging this meeting because some of us in the IBC believe there is a chance, a slim one perhaps, but a chance at Restoration.”

Well that is all for this week snippet. I hope you enjoyed it and as always, please visit the other blogs on the blog chain. If you liked this or any the content on my blog, please feel free to rate, comment or spread the word using the social media buttons below. And for those who celebrate it, may you have a Happy Easter.


11 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8sunday/03-29-2015/Questions

  1. I just love the complexity of this world.


  2. Another great eight! Good work!


  3. Such a fascinating world. The little details like the conical ears and the toothy grin are so nicely worked in.


  4. Ooh! Slim chances can be a lot of fun. Lady Galeena sounds like she’s going to be a very interesting character.


  5. I’m enjoying this very much, SO civilized on the surface, so much going on underneath. Excellent excerpt!


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