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Mass Efect/AEC-ANN News: Troop Deployment Approved


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

January 8, 2197

Troop Deployment Approved

By Jill Scarlett

NEW ARCTURUS STATION- The Alliance Parliament authorized the deployment of forces to Chav by a 3-2 margin in a vote earlier today. This signaled an expansion of the Alliance’s military mission in the Terminus System colony. Prime Minister Hackett announced that the following forces would be deployed to the region:

  • The 26,000 strong 1st Alliance Marine Division, known as “The First”
  • The 2,200 strong 65th Infantry Regiment (Spec-Ops) from the 103rd Marine Division
  • Assorted personnel from Naval Construction and Logistics Force and other support units

The current force package stands around 50,000 personnel not including forces already deployed to the area or subsequent replacements.

In response to the vote Speaker for the Opposition and ranking member of the Alliance Parliament Sub-Committee on Intelligence Thu Van Theiu called for an investigation of Cerberus resurgence and the Alliance failure to detect it.


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