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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 22 (c.2)- Flags


Tweet of the Day: Men Just Don’t Trust Women–And It’s A Huge Problem


En route to the SSV Miguel Alcumbierre Moya, In Orbit Around Vale, Landam System, Crescent Nebula, January 11, 2197

My comm buzzed to life. I checked the read out. It was a call from one Lieutenant Commander Rissi Montoya, New Arcturus Station.

“So how is my favorite space lawyer doing these days?” I asked.

“Busy, always busy, but not as busy as my favorite space cowboy,” came the coy reply.

“So how are Sheila and the kids?” I asked.

“They are doing well in school. In fact, Joel is your number one fan. Can’t wait for the next episode of Champions of the Terminus,” she said.

“First, he is like, what, eleven and I’m sure he knows that is not exactly me, right?” I asked.

“He is thirteen. Beside, Theodore, Tadeusz, same difference,” she said with a laugh.

“Not if your Polish or a marine stuck in a real war zone,” I said.

“About that,” she said followed by a long awkward pause, “I seen a lot of request for Disciplinary Review/Review of Service Record cross my desk lately and all with your name on it.”

“Winthrop,” I muttered.

“Not just Winthrop and not because of that stunt you pulled on Chav,” she said.


“You know what I mean. A lot of people a looking into your service records and unless you’re up for a promotion it raises a lot of flags.”


“Listen, you have a handful of powerful friends here, but you…annoyed a lot of people as well. A lot of folks see you as an upstart running roughshod throughout the galaxy in an Alliance top of the line frigate. Do you know how many up and coming officers were lining up to command the Kursk?”

“I didn’t ask for this command. In fact, I thought it was a way to smooth me out of the service. Give me a cushy last command and then ‘ask’ me to retire. That is until Cerberus showed up.”

“Talking of which, the fact that Cerberus managed to rebuild while you ran T-RS has people wondering what exactly you where doing out there.”

Visions of Achilles torn apart by batarian terrorist fleet came to mind, “I was doing my job Rissi.”

“I know, I know, just saying that first your company-”

“The Alliance’s front company.”

“Yes, the Alliance’s front company, gets disbanded, then you get a promotion, Cerberus shows up, well things are a bit frantic back here and when things get frantic politicians in and out of uniform look for scapegoats. And don’t get me started on Anderson and Lawson.”

The back of my neck stiffened, “What about them?”

She sighed, “You where there when Cerberus took Anderson and considering Miss Lawson former ties, well….”

“Cerberus killed Anderson and Miranda is out of bounds, understood?” I said.

“All I’m saying is that things are getting dicey here. Lots of politics, lots of nervous Nellies looking for escape routes. I’ll hold the fort here but you better watch your back, okay?” she said.

It was my turn to sigh, “I will, I always do. Thanks for the heads up Rissi.”

“No problem, Arcturus out.”


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