Weekend Writing Warriors /#8sunday/03-14-2015: Tea Talk


Hello again and welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors. We revisit the universe of my current WiP, Lessons of War. Lady Elector Andrea of House Kaiser sits with Dame Sarah Lynn-Parker of the Imperial Bureaucratic Corps in a balcony overlooking the wide savannah of Arcadia. Ostensibly they are part of delegations discussing commercial agreements between House Kaiser and the IBC, but it seems Dame Sarah-Lynn Parker has other ideas:

Dame Lynn-Parker poured a long steaming stream of brown tea onto her cup before she sat down, red trimmed sleeves folded as not to taint the white robes of her office. She took out a slender black spice cigarette from a slim metal box, lit it and sat back into the wicker chair. Sweet scented smoke coiled from the end of the cigarette.

“I am glad I caught you, my lady. I’ve heard a host of rumors since the de Havilland’s funeral,” said Dame Lynn-Parker.

“Rumors come and go, Dame Lynn-Parker,” I said.

Dame Lynn-Parker took a long drag from her cigarette, “Most do, some don’t, my lady. Those that do not are those that we chose to make true or those that become true regardless of what we do.”

There you go, eight sentences, one snippet. As always, please visit the other writers in the blog chain.

11 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors /#8sunday/03-14-2015: Tea Talk

  1. Good eight! I really enjoyed the visuals you provided of the Dame, and how the snippet ended with a sense of foreboding. The only thing I can see is that “Dame” is capitalized in all but one place. Great work! 🙂


  2. Interesting conversation going on there, deep meanings galore, I’m sure. Loved the details – great 8!


  3. Fantastic point about the nature of rumors. Even if false, they can “become true” when enough people choose to believe them. Well done, sir!


  4. I think she’ll get the information she wants!


  5. I sense manipulation and intrigue. I feel like I know more about these characters than I’d expect to, in so few sentences. Ready for more!

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