Weekend Writing Warrior: #8sunday/03-07-2015/Terrible


Once again we return to our Saturday/Sunday double post with another visit to the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This is another snippet pulled from my WiP Lessons of War.  After a terse conversation between Archduchesses Maria Theressa and her daughter Lady Elector Andrea the Archduchesses dispatches her daughter to a meeting with a representative from the Imperial Bureaucratic Corp at the edge of the galactic core. Lady Elector Andrea now sips her afternoon tea while she waits for her diplomatic counterpart:

The surface of the gold green sea of savanna grass swayed like waves under the touch of the warm eastern wind. A terror bird raised its enormous beak from the underbrush. Then a second followed by three more others. The flock broke into a run after the lone gazelle. Their prey bounded in desperation in search of shelter. But a swipe of the terror birds beak smashed it into the ground.

Dame Sarah-Lynn Parker walked unto the balcony with her hands folded into the large pagoda sleeves of her white robes lined in crimson, “Terrible birds aren’t they?”

“In every sense of the word, Dame Sarah-Lynn,” said Lady Andrea.

I hope you enjoyed my little snippet and as always, please visit the other participants of the blog chain.




17 comments on “Weekend Writing Warrior: #8sunday/03-07-2015/Terrible

  1. That’s some great description of the birds and their prey! I could picture the whole bit. Love the contrast between that and the two women in meticulous dress.

    As a WeWrWa moderator, I need to ask you to add a link back to our home page. If you’ve got it somewhere in the post I’m having trouble finding it. Thanks in advance, and I hope you pick up from here next week!


  2. Wow, all peaceful tea-sipping, and then gazelle-carnage! Don’t think I’ll be walking around with terror-birds flying around. Interesting snippet!


  3. Do I sense a metaphor for what happens in the book?


  4. Reminds me of beaked velociraptors. Very scary. How do the sentients protect themselves when outside?


    • They might be their descendants, if dinosaurs evolved into birds. Terror birds don’t find humans appetizing. They act more like lions in the savannah, leave them be and they will not harm you, get too close…


  5. Terror birds? Now those sound friendly… *shudder* That poor gazelle!


  6. Nice word painting! The characters make the carnage seem so ordinary. One thought: Maybe drop the “more” and just say three others?


  7. A very interesting moment in the story ad the contrast between the civilized women and the predatory birds was very well done. Great snippet!


  8. Yeah, I’d have to agree that terror birds are terrible. Poul Anderson was a master at this sort of thing–giving his made-up plants and animals such evocative names that no more description was necessary.


  9. Nice contrast you have between the tea-sipping and the death of that poor gazelle.

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