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Space for Rent: A Word of Advice


I’ve said this before but it bears repeating:

If there is a month dedicated to Black History, don’t say, “What about a White History Month?”

If there is a discussion about sexual assault/abuse of women, don’t ask, “What about male rape?”

If someone is pointing the problems in Nation X, don’t say, “It’s worse in Nation Y!”

If someone chants, “Black/Latino/Muslim lives matter!” don’t respond with, “All lives matter!”

If someone wishes you, “Happy Holidays!” don’t shout back, “It’s Xmas!”

You see, the world, the universe never has, does not and will never revolve around you.

If you feel left out, guess what, that is exactly how everybody else feels when their history, their accomplishments, their very existence no only gets ignored, but outright erase.

Welcome to the Real World ™.


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