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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Rainbow Stardust Band Leader Passed Away


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Alliance News Entertainment Desk

January 9, 2197

Rainbow Stardust Bandleader Passed Away

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Kaalo Durgis, founder of the band Rainbow Stardust, passed away yesterday afternoon in his home on Mannovai surrounded by family and friends. Credited as the creator of Retro-Synch Astral Funk, Kaalo,  known as the Conductor of the Astrotrain, led his eclectic band to multiple sold out tours across the galaxy. He broke several records, including longest uninterrupted performance (band members switched out but he remained on stage throughout) of 7.8 hours (standard), the top five most downloaded singles (Wagon Comet Trail, Heart Deeper, Feeling the Afterglow, Stranger than Terra, and  Slow Boil/Fast Burn), the longest consecutive string of sold out concerts (five days in Aremali’s Antivon Concert Hall with a sitting capacity of 500,000 for a total of 2.5 million live concert goers) and the highest grossing charity album, Healing Souls Heartstrings, which raised over 6.1 billion credits for post-war relief in the last nine years.

Kaalo’s band Rainbow Stardust roster has had over twenty musicians at anyone time trained in a mix of archaic, electronic, folk and classical influences from multiple cultures. He was the first to hire vorcha musicians which spiced the bands repertoire with hitherto never heard vorcha tribal bass beats. When Kaalo retired from music to resurrect the Anabalis Empire (one of the earliest civilizations in Surr’Kesh) poetry-songs three years ago he handed the reigns of Rainbow Stardust to  Shadik, son of Shardir, the first vorcha to work with Kaalo.

Kaalo was 43.


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