WeWriWa: 02/22/05- Investigation



After taking a brief break last week followed by a very complicated week, I’m back with another snippet for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This is another sample from my current WiP, Lessons of War. When last we peeked into the story, Chief Detective Inspector Mara Hayle was investigating the murder of Gideon’s colonial governor and a world that pledged allegiance to House deHavilland over a decade ago.  But a call from from the Chief Constable’s office interrupted her investigation:

I loved Chief Constable Conway’s office. The large wrap around windows allowed for a glorious view of the cedar forest south of Hayden. Gideon was the only world outside of Earth where Cedrus libani flourished. I was so wrapped up with the view that it took me a second to noticed the dark hair man that sat in a chair in front of the Chief’s desk.

The Chief turned to greet me, “Inspector Hayle, I’m sorry to pull you out of your investigation but something has come up.”

I tucked a wayward strand of hair over my left ear, “I came as soon as a I could, sir”

“I like your to meet Antonio Saavedra, a member of Baron Montagu’s court and our new investigative liason,” said the Chief with a pained grimace.

Oh no.

Well that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit. You should visit and leave a comment on all the participating blogs on the blog chain list. I hope you  have a terrific weekend.


22 comments on “WeWriWa: 02/22/05- Investigation

  1. I love the detail of her brushing her hair back. Lovely snippet!


  2. I foresee some fun for the reader coming, with the introduction of this new player. I’m confident your heroine can handle him though! Excellent excerpt!


  3. Sounds like maybe she doesn’t want to work with him.


  4. They seem so happy about this liaison. I wonder if the prejudice is relative to the man in particular, or the Baron’s court.


  5. Is there ever a good time to have an outside liaison person? Probably not.


  6. Great, a member of a nobleman’s court. I’m sure Mara is pleased about that…as is the chief constable.


  7. The entire snippet was very well written, but I have to say the ending was my favorite part. Makes me want to know what kind of trouble Antonio will cause. 😉


  8. Sounds like trouble ahead! Which is always fun. 🙂


  9. Great intro. Can’t wait for more.


  10. I love the description of the office. The new character sounds full of potential.


  11. I take it the new guy is not a welcome addition? I’m glad there are cedars on Gideon. A little touch of home…er, earth. 🙂


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