WeWriWa: #8sunday 01/25/15- Mind Whispers

Welcome to another round of snippets known as the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. My snippet comes from my current sci-fi WiP, Lessons of War. We skip ahead a couple of weeks as Andrea, scion and Lady Elector of House Kaiser returns home to Chateau Kaiser in the world of Boreas, currently locked in a ice age as a result of human terraform efforts.  After a less than agreeable after-dinner chat with her mother, Archduchess Maria Theressa, she retires to her private bath for a welcome respite while her handmaiden Athena takes a quick shower nearby:

I sank into the tub until the water reached my collarbone. The weariness of weeks of travel and mother’s tepid reception drained into the warm water.  I drifted into a waterlogged stupor.

How could she believe senseless rumors and empty innuendo? That I would risk our House for personal gain?

Because she knows you, dear sister.

Athena, you know better than to mind whisper when I’m taking a bath.

Oh I will, once you admit that you are still thinking about him.

There you have it. A small dose of what is to come. I hope you enjoyed it and as always please visit the other blogs listed on the blog chain.


25 comments on “WeWriWa: #8sunday 01/25/15- Mind Whispers

  1. This story continues to be very intriguing. Great snippet!


  2. How awful to have your sister invade your mind while you’re trying to relax. Great snippet. Very interesting.


  3. Mind whispers sound frustrating! Sisters are pains without that ability!


  4. Good thing my sisters can’t hear my thoughts! 😉 This is really good, keep going!


    • It is a bit complicated than that. Andrea and Athena can speak to each other telepathically (mind whisper) but Athena is also a gifted empath and knows Andrea all too well. She read her emotional state and put two and two together. Almost as good as mind reading. 😉


  5. I feel like those two have a rather interesting relationship — I’d be interested in reading more of this one for sure 🙂

    Liza @ Classy Cat Books


  6. I like this scene and all that’s happening between them


  7. I’m always fascinated by stories with empaths and the mind whispering is an intriguing development for sure. Great 8!


  8. If it isn’t one thing, it’s her mother? 🙂

    I like the premise, the family tension, and the hint of psychic abilities—and the idea of a warm bath, I won’t lie.


  9. Ah, family… no one can drive you crazy quite like them. 😉

    It might help make things clearer to break up the whispers into their own lines, like dialogue.


  10. LOL. I love her sister mind-whisper teasing her!


  11. Teased by the handmaiden, huh? That’s an interesting relationship. I also like the mind-whispering.


  12. I’m intrigued about empaths, but I really liked this line: “The weariness of weeks of travel and mother’s tepid reception drained into the warm water.” A great description of letting go for the moment. 🙂


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