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World Building Thursday: Commerce & Communications

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Commerce and communications go hand in hand like, well a horse and buggy, but it seems that speculative fiction authors, specially on the fantasy side of things tend to ignore this connection:

  • Why, for example, don’t mages with the ability to teleport reliably across hundreds if not thousands of miles, carry messages and important packages?
  • The same goes for a world with flying mounts like dragons, griffons and pegasi? I mean flying is far more efficient than riding across the land, and if the mongols could create a pony express with horse, why not one with hypogryphs?
  • What about vessels powered by air elementals?
  • How about the ability to control armies on the field by projecting multiple illusions, each of which could relay orders or even display images?

The thing is that anything that can speed travel will by extension speed commerce. Why waste money on an expensive fleet of transports or an army worth of horses, when a large enough magical portal can link two cities. Easier to have a series of porters that can carry goods and mail between the two. The possibilities are endless as are the changes to a otherwise familiar fantasy or sci-fi world.


One comment on “World Building Thursday: Commerce & Communications

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