WeWriWa for 1/18/2015- Athena and the Lady


Once again I find ourselves in the glorious position of posting another excerpt from my WiP Lessons of War as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. The last time we saw young Edward, Duke deHavilland, on spotting the lovely Lady Elector of House Kaiser, curiosity got the best of him. But someone cut him off before he could satiate said curiosity.

The woman in front of me was a member of House Kaiser’s handmaidens, a specially chosen cadre of women that served the Archduchesses and their  succession. Generations of careful breeding and harsh training produce the amazonian beauty before me, one part muscle, two parts psionic abilities, and three parts utter dedication to her charge. I doubted the House Guard would reach me before she made her move but I was not about to back down in my own home. Hard black eyes stared down at me, and I did not blink.

“Athena, please,” said the Lady Elector.

The handmaiden retreated to the nearest, darkest corner. Father’s wolfhounds looped around my legs and headed straight for the Lady. Grace slipped her head onto the Lady’s lap.

So there you have it. A crisis averted, for now. I hope you enjoyed this look at my work and as always please visit the other blogs on the chain and leave a friendly comment. Until next Sunday!


10 comments on “WeWriWa for 1/18/2015- Athena and the Lady

  1. I want one of those handmaidens-they sound amazing!


  2. That’s a lot of parts–and a pretty terrifying guard. I bet some people have ‘accidents’ when they cross that woman!


  3. I love that the protectors are female! But I do feel kind of let down that he didn’t have to deal with the Amazonian beauty really. I have a feeling that would have been fun. 🙂


    • House Kaiser is a matriarchy so it makes sense that the handmaidens would be female as well. As for dealing with Athena, it would be fun for her, and painful for Edward.


  4. The cadence matches the tone of the scene. Nicely done.


  5. I liked the additional world building details and the bodyguard is a fascinating addition. Great snippet!


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