Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 01/11/2015


Another weekend, another snippet for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Today I present another snippet from my current work in progress, Lessons of War. When last me saw young Duke deHavilland he mingled among his guests who came to pay their respects to his late parents. But something or should I say, someone has caught his eye:

Andrea, Lady Elector of House Major Kaiser, sat on the window sill at the far side of the hall. A river of blond hair cascaded down to her hips. Her eyes matched the deep dark blue emerald that hung around her slender neck. Father’s words came to mind.

To court her is to court war.

Yet she held the promise, however vague, of escape from the official drudgery of the moment. I moved in her direction.  A wall of sculpted sinew and quiet contained menace stopped me in my tracks.

And that is my snipped for the day. I hope you enjoyed this little window into my current project. Make sure to visit all the blogs on the chain by clicking the link above.


18 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 01/11/2015

  1. “To court her is to court war.” I love it! But now I want to know who’s stopping him. Great snippet!


  2. I agree with Christina, great line! The descriptions definitely make you want to know more about the characters and their situation. Great work!


  3. Bodyguard blocking the way? Sounds like a touch of forbidden fruit is in the offing here. Nicely done.


  4. Methinks the young Duke will decide that war is worth it?

    I like it already—and I want to meet the bodyguard, too! 🙂


  5. This is how bad decisions are made. Because they seem like seem like the best available choice… like trouble in the form of a beautiful lady.


  6. He’s been told he can’t have her, so of course he’s going to go after her anyway. Love it! lol


  7. That line is wonderful – “To court her is to court war.” So of course he’s totally drawn to the lady! Will be interesting to find out who’s blocking his path and why…great 8.


  8. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness, peace & prosperity in 2015!


  9. Great introduction of the character, rich with hints and questions. I also love the wall of sinew description. Very creative and vivid.


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