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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News- War Erupts Across the Terminus


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ANN News Now

January 2, 2197

War Erupts Across the Terminus

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM: Joint Systems Alliance/Turian Hierarchy task forces launched attacks on seven colony worlds across the Traverse/Terminus border in what has been called the largest pirate suppression raid since the end of the Reaper War. Among the colonies world under interdiction by Citadel forces are Zanethu and Erinle in the Hourglass Nebula, Vortun in the Phoenix Massing, and Chav in the Crescent Nebula. According to a joint statement by human and turian governments, they conducted the Council sanctioned operations to,”root out several pirate bands and terrorist cells that have terrorized council worlds over the past decade.”

But these are not the only forces active in the edges of Citadel space. The Batarian Free Forces launched a series of attacks on Ezrsbat (Kite’s Nest) to liberate it from pro-Hegemony hold outs. So far the Batarian Assembly has refused to comment on ongoing operations but sources close to Quarian Migrant Fleet told ANN News that the fleet has stepped up supply runs to the BFF.

ANN News contributor and writer for the Alliance military journal FORWARD! calls this actions  “a radical change in military policy toward the Terminus systems,” and speculates that “this will give rise to a titanic shift in the Citadel/Terminus power dynamics whose effects are still unknowable or predictable at this time.”

Article compiled and reported by Iris Dunnigan for ANN News Now.



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