Weekend Writing Warriors / #8Sunday / 01- 04 – 2015


Yes, a double post on Saturday as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This seems to be a weekly thing so expect to see more double posts in the future. This snippet comes from my current work in progress Lessons of War.

When last we met Edward Duke of House deHavilland, he was in shock after the death of his parents. A month later the bodies were recovered from the crash site and interred in the catacombs beneath Caer deHavilland.  Dignitaries from across the galaxy came to pay their respects to the new duke, but not all were welcomed with open arms:

There stood one Phillipe Rodolfo Augustus Baron of House Minor Lancaster, also known as “Lanky Lancaster”, for his thin one point eight meter frame. He cut the veritable harlequin figure, long limbed, clad in a black doublet with  a hose to match and not one but two white ruffs around his ostrich neck. An ancestor of mine made the grave mistake of offering the leader of a pirate band a title in exchange for turning on his fellows. Ever since the Lancasters have presumed to tell everyone within earshot that they should rule instead of House deHavilland.

What if I call the Captain of the Guard and tell them to clap the buffoon in irons, the way lords of old did to those who merely displeased them? Would that ridiculous double ruff turn a sickly pink after I cleaved the head from his shoulders?

It was an awful, childish, ridiculous, yet oddly comforting line of thought.

Well that is my entry in the blog chain. Make sure to comment below and follow the link above to see more entertaining snippets.


9 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors / #8Sunday / 01- 04 – 2015

  1. A brief description that says so much! And yes, sometimes a decapitation fantasy can be very comforting. 😀


  2. I love the description of Lancaster, and the narrator’s response tells us a lot about him. Very fun snippet.


  3. I can certainly see your character entertaining these thoughts, given all the circumstances. Interesting snippet!


  4. I think the ruff would turn red, not pink. Unless of course it’s washed with a red sock. An amusing thought nonetheless. In your final sentence it should be “an awful” not “a awful.” Good eight. I already dislike Lanky Lancaster.


    • Thanks for the heads up. And you are probably about the color, but the young Duke has never seen anyone lose their head thus and can only go by his imagination.


  5. Very nice snippet. I was interested in the character’s thoughts, sometimes escapism is a good thing.

    Keep smiling,


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