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Holiday Short: Jam

Tweet of the Day:  Make Yourself a Geeky Little Christmas


Oh no!


The snowfall grew thicker with every snowflake that landed on the windshield. The traffic jam got longer and slower with every minute. While I tried to get to the airport, Patty raced to the village square for a last second shopping marathon. Why? Because my mother-in-law suggested that since the storm obliterated their plans they should stay over the holidays with us. You know, just us: the wife, the in-laws and the dog. Well, Dr. Stevens, Patty’s dad was he quite, introverted type so that left Mrs. Stevens to deliver wave after judgmental wave of suggestions about our lifestyle.

The dashboard lit up with an incoming call followed by an obnoxious ring tone.

I pressed the hands-free button on the receiver,”Mario?”

“Feliciadades little brother, how are you?”

“Driving through a blizzard at the moment?”

“Really? Where to?”

Why was he asking that?

“Heathrow, why?”

“Great, cause we…we were on our way from Euro Disney when our plane got diverted to Heathrow, so we are kind of stuck here.”

“Whose we?”

“The wife and kids of course. You wouldn’t mind picking us up, since you’re already on your way.”

“Where to?”

“Well, all the hotels are full so we were hoping to stay with you. I’ll bring the rum and we can call it a Christmas party, right?”

“Right. Text me your terminal and I’ll call you the moment I get there, okay?”

“Will do!”

The moment he hung up I speed dialed Patty.


“Honey, we are going to need a bigger turkey.”



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