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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News- More Riots in Chav



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ANN Headlines Now

November 15 , 2196

More Riots in Chav

By Iris Dunnigan

MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN– A second wave of rioting hit Jarvis, third largest capital in the colony of Chav, after revelations by a member of the Neo-Terra Six (see Headlines October 11) turned prosecution witness, Geoffrey McCalloum, that the Six were formed under the auspices of the Jarvis Metropolitan Police Department Special Police Unit, a hitherto secretive anti-terrorist unit within the constabulary. McCalloum revealed that he and about two dozen so called “humanist” where trained and equipped by the SPU as deep cover agents in the event of an alien takeover of the city or invasion of the colony by non-human forces.

The training included dissemination of anti-alien propaganda, manufacturing of home made explosives devices, creating caches of weapons, firearms training, and covert communications efforts. Most of this training occurred in temporary camps in the Ebon Mountains, 15km north east of Jarvis. According to McCalloum’s account in case of invasion, the paramilitaries where to take shelter in the abandoned copper mine network that runs through the  mountains. From there they would launch a series of operations to retake the colony. ANN film crews visited the area but found no evidence of human habitation or the sort of training McCalloum described.

Head of the Jarvis Metropolitan Police, Chief Constable Mathew Harris, released the following statement:

There has never being any such force within the MPD. Anti-terrorist action falls under the purview of the Fast Response Unit which is armed and equipped to deal with such matters. Colonial defense is in the hands of the CDM (Colonial Defense Militia) and not local police forces, which are para-military in nature, that is, they have a military structure, but serve a clear civilian purpose, a law enforcement purpose. Mr. McCalloum allegations are unfounded and without any merit.

Once again Harris called on CDM units to head off the spread of the violence which has already cost the city of Jarvis over 300 million credits.


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