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Weekend Roundup: November 30- December 6

Tweet of the Day: Dragon Age II: Sequels Are Hard


It’s snowing again! Well, it is snowing in my blog, where it snow where I live it would be the literal end of the world as we (or at least how I) know it. I am also a bit under the weather. To be honest this year, health wise, has been a roller coaster to say the least. But as long as it moves forward we are okay.  Now, lets have a look see at what this week brought us:

So much for this week. I hope that your holidays are merry and that your stockings are full! 😀


“No turkey or crackers, really?”

She reached across the table for the water glass, “No.”

“Might as well chuck the Advent calendar while we are at it,” I said between mouthfuls of pie.

Her frown turned into a scowl, “I’m serious, Julio. We always celebrate with my parents, except that time we visited yours, and what a bloody nightmare that was, three connecting flights, countless delays, the awful traffic, I swear I am never, ever, going anywhere that is not within reach of car or train. But back to my parents, they will be in Mallorca, why they decided to go to Mallorca in the middle of winter I don’t know, with the storms and everything, but they won’t be home, and I don’t want to cook a whole turkey for the two of us.”

I glanced at our corgi, Terry, who seem ready to jump over the imaginary line between the kitchen and the dinning room, “The three of us. I’m sure Terry would like a few pieces of turkey.”



“No turkey for us, and that is final. Will sit by the fireplace, drink some wine, wear those silly jumpers mum loves so much, maybe send her a picture or two and call it a night. That is what I want for Christmas.” She pouted and gave me sad puppy eyes that would put even eternal pup Terry to shame, “Is that too much to ask?”

“Sigh, of course not dear. Of course not. I mean we have the tree, a beautiful puppy, and all those wine bottles you keep buying but we never drink.”


“True and true, well unless you sneak off to play MMOs with your Welsh guild while spouting out horrible half-baked Welsh phrases you spout when you’re drunk and make everyone from here to Anglesey cringe,” I said.

She stuck her tongue out, “Ynys Môn dear. And I won’t do it as long as you don’t do that horrible Liverpool accent like it is nineteen sixty-four and the just took the stage at the Ed Sullivan show.”


Patricia insisted we make a last shopping run early on the twenty-third after we dropped off her parents at Heathrow. She turned on the television to the BBC World Service.

“Now, on to the weather. It is snowing in the south of England and the greater London area. All travel from Heathrow has been delayed, with cancellations expected shortly as a major arctic is sweeping down the North Sea through the channel. It will be a very white Christmas for all of us.”

We looked at each other, “Oh no!”


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