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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 15 (c.2)-Horizon


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Conference Room B2, 51st Floor, Lawson Enterprises Building, Discovery, Horizon, Iera System, Shadow Sea, December 11, 2194

“I’m not that kind of woman, Colonel.”

“I doubt there are any women like you, Miss Lawson.”

“That’s because my father designed me to be unique.”


“You haven’t heard? I thought my…lineage was public knowledge.”

“It’s the first time I heard of it.”

“Well, my father, Henry Lawson, created me to be…his legacy. I had other plans and I left with my sister-”


“Yes. The problem was that I ran right into the Illusive Man’s hands. Where my father was a cold merciless jackass, the Illusive Man was a charming, manipulative bastard. I believed his lies at first.”

“What changed your mind?”

“Working with Shepard opened my eyes to what Cerberus really was. The Illusive Man thank me by handing my sister back to my father and sending assassins after me. I tracked my sister to Sanctuary and managed to rescue her. My father didn’t survive the family reunion.”

“Considering everything that happened between the Collector attack and Sanctuary, this doesn’t seem like the kind of place you and your sister would pick to re-build Lawson Industries.”

“I will not dwell on the past, Colonel. I can not undue what I have done. I can only move forward. Horizon is my redemption.”

“The road to redemption is a long and twisting way.”

“Speaking from personal experience, Colonel?”

“Indeed, Miss Lawson.”

“Is that why you are here?”

“I was on Earth when the Reapers invaded. It was Coats, Anderson and I, with as many Alliance soldiers, local forces and volunteers we could muster. Anderson led, Coats coordinated logistics and I trained the volunteers. And by training I mean putting whatever guns we had into their hands and teaching them to shoot at the general direction of the enemy. The adults and teenagers either fought or fled. But the children, some whimpered, others cowered, but most…most simply stared at you with soulless eyes. That was what the war took from them, a piece of their souls. And those are the kind of wounds that never heals. So here I am, teaching people to defend themselves.”

“No amount of training would have stopped the Reapers.”

“It’s not just Earth, its Mindoir, Eden Prime, and Torfan. The Alliance arrives just in time to bury the bodies. Doing this, this is my redemption, Miss Lawson.”

“Miranda, you can call me Miranda.”

“Theo, my friends call me Theo.”


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