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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN Entertaiment News: CoT Sets Rating Record


Tweet of the Day: Observations on the Dutch SFF Market


From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

November 12, 2196

Champions of the Terminus Breaks Ratings Record

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– The Champions of the Terminus mid-season finale broke the 5 billion viewers record for a human produced show with over 5.9 billion individual views across all channels and extranet video providers of the show. The mid-season finale revealed the existence of Trident as the organization behind the champions’ antagonist via a defector codenamed Solheim who helped the heroes through an action packed escape sequence of an exploding space station orbiting a volcanic moon of Danaus. It ended in a cliffhanger as the heroes frigate, the Victory, was ambushed by enemy fighters.

The resulting message frenzy crashed a dozen show related forums during the broadcast. SolComm threatened to meter the bandwidth of secondary distributors before a message from the Alliance Parliament Telecommunications Commission explained in no uncertain terms that the committee was willing and able to launch an immediate (and very public) investigation into SolComm’s business practices. A media representative from SolComm apologized for the message and assured all subscribers that SolComm put their costumers first. Extranet pirate traffic also peaked across the Terminus with over a million downloads a second during and after the show. Since few worlds in the Terminus Systems are part of the Citadel’s trade agreements, the legality of such activity is in doubt.

The producers promised a two hour long behind the scenes charity special to celebrate the human holiday of Christmas. The season will continue on January 9, 2197.


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