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TV Tropes Monday: Knight Templar



Tweet of the Day: Episode 18- The Long and Rambling Conversation about Dune


A good story needs a good antagonist, not just a villain. Sometimes the best opposition (or Anti-Hero protagonist) comes from the ranks of the (self?) righteous.

Enter the Knight Templar.

It is easy to portray this character as a zealot (religious, political, and/or ideological) hell bent to fulfill his mission to bring order to the world. An fanatic whose concerns, world view and moral standing can easily be dismissed by their extreme actions. A lunatic who is only a threat because of the power they posses or command. But why do they command such power? Why do people follow or cower before the Knight Templar? What makes the Knight Templar tick?

Remember that what this character fights for is often a good ideal even as the character takes it to the extreme. A good Knight Templar (character wise) presents a good alternative to a broken world, a world gone mad. The protagonist would probably follow the Knight Templar, even shares a few of his views, but is not as committed to the cause as the Templar. They might share the same goals but stand in opposition due to the Templar’s methods. At the same time, the Templar’s extremism allows for little or no deviation in their goals and anyone who stands in his way must be dealt with. Otherwise natural allies become bitter enemies.

Finally, this character is often introduced so as to personify the evils of extremism which then tends to steer the story into the Golden Mean fallacy, specially when the protagonist actions, when analyzed without comparing them to the Knight Templar can also be seen as either extreme or ineffectual.


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