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Space for Rent: Ode to the “Simple” Plot

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I like “simple” plots. A simple plot can be strong, supple, elegant. In the right hands, the simplest of plots can be a thing of beauty. It is not a new thing under the sun, but it shines in the sunlight. A simple plot is the backbone of an amazing story, a bridge for characters to cross, and the power that makes a setting come alive.

A simple plot is simple.

It is not boring…unless ignored.

It is not dull…unless it is not polished.

It is not limited…unless you ignore its possibilities.

A simple plot is the cloth from which you weave deep stories of romance, adventure, and exploration. It carries the weight of subplots with aplomb and grace. A simple plot is the ever present undiscovered country, full of possibilities. It never feels like it was created by committee. It never relies on empty twists or unfounded conclusions. A simple plot never overstays its welcome. It is the kind of plot that goes under, over, or to the side of the giant blocks of granite that block a writer’s path. A simple plot doesn’t need to be carried, it shows the way.

A simple plot is as solid as a foundation stone and as lofty as the tor of the highest mountain. It is never pretentious but it allows for great ambition.

So shoo away all those cooks from the kitchen, all those generals from the command center, all the cobwebs from your mind.

Start simple,

Stay the course,

Build upon success,

Explore the possibilities brought to you by the “simple” plot.

Write a simple plot, and when in doubt…write some more.



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