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Weekend Roundup: November 2-8



Tweet of the Day: This Week’s Hurdle and Excerpt


Life, life has a way of catching up to you. It certainly has done for me. The family illness that I wrote about earlier continues and it even impacted my own health in small ways. It happens, you deal with it, you hope you can move on. I’ve also been busy with my new project, Lessons Learned, a new You Tube channel dedicated to video game analysis and critique, with a focus on the history of video games and questioning the assumptions of the industry made by developers, critics, and players. I really hate to ask readers for anything, but I would really appreciate it if you clicked on the link, yes, this one right here, comment and subscribe. Every view counts and to be honest I could use the help. Even if you are not a “gamer” or a fan of video games, the topics discussed will bridge the gap between video games and other areas. Well enough of rattling my empty cup, let’s see what happened this week on the blog:

I would also like to say something to all the wonderful people who have visited this page over the years: Thank You!

Every word of encouragement is appreciated.

Every statement of support lifts the heart.

Every praise helps me to carry on.

Again, to all of you, Thank You!


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