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Mass Effect: Redemption


Tweet of the Day: Writing Spies: Five Dos and Don’t


“You ask for too damn much, Jatak,” said President Men’lo Im’shar, his back to the conference table. Around the table sat Jatak K’adar leader of the Batarian Assembly, his assistant Anahida S’ura, Major Galeena T’iala former asari commando and military adviser to the Batarian Free Forces, and Specter Ashley Williams on behalf of the Citadel Council. Im’shar turned and slammed his palms on the tabletop, “What do you think is going to happen if I hand over to you our only means of defense, Jatak? Specter Williams, will the Alliance or the Council send a cruiser squadron into the Terminus to protect our colony?”

“Mr. President-”

Im’shar cut off Williams with a wave of his hand, “What about you Anahida? You fought with us during the rebellion. You know what it took to free this world from the grip of the Na’hesit, retaking the home world will take more than three cruisers.”

Anahida folded her arms across her chest, “I wish we had a single cruiser back then, Men’lo, let alone three.”

“Fine, but why these three?” asked Im’shar.

“Because they are the last survivors of the batarian navy. They should be at the forefront of the fleet that will liberate the home world,” said Jatak.

“And meanwhile we will be sitting on our thumbs waiting for the first pirate group or tinpot dictator to raid us. If I’m lucky I’ll be sitting in prison after the legislature impeaches me for high crimes against the people of Anhur,” said Im’shar.

“We already dispatched one raider fleet, Mr. President. With these cruisers as part of our force we can do even more,” said Galeena T’iala.

“Not enough to guarantee my people’s safety,” countered Im’shar.

Jatak stood up, “Mr. President, this colony, this world, is a symbol for humans and batarians alike. You are the first freely elected batarian leader of a colony split evenly between batarians and humans. Here both races live and work side by side. They fought together to oust the scourge of slavery from your soil just like we are working to cleanse the home world from the stench of its occupation by Reaper remnants. We can do it with your help, Mr. President.”

Im’shar shook his head, “Nice words, Jatak, very inspiring. But I can’t risk those ships on a fool’s errand. Like I said-” a light flashed on the counter top. Im’shar pressed a hand to his ear canal, “What? Are you sure? A bataian dreadnought here?”

“That, Mr. President, is the Uddhara, the Redemption. I think our chances of success have improved immeasurably,” said Jatak.



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