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Weekend Wrapup: October 12-18


Tweet of the Day: 8 Elements to NAILING Your Plot & Owning NaNo


Oh this week….

The week of something awful. That vague feeling that nothing is right with the world. Mind you, if you’re keeping up with the news there is a lot of people screaming about a lot of scary things, or at least things they want you to be scared about. But you always find a place a place for shelter from the withering storm. Until you find something rotten there as well. Famous writers promoting pedophilia, hobbyist exposed as massive misogynist, death threats for the mos innocuous stuff, it never seems to end. Add a dollop of family (and familiar) drama and well it ends up being…well…one of those weeks. But you’re not here for the moaning (at least not that kind of moaning). You’re here to catch up on the week in posts:

By the way, I suggest you follow Dodger (the wonderful human being behind Welcome to the Fandom). If you ever need a pick me up, she is it.  To quote her, I hope you had an amazing week.


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