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Weekend Roundup: October 5 – 11

Tweet of the Day: Bulfinch’s Mythology as Myth-Making


About a month ago I wrote about so called Gamer Gate on this blog. I laid down some of my thoughts about it in a “split down the middle and see what is inside” kind of way.  While most of my points were pro-consumer and critical of the media my last point was directed at those using social media to harass and intimidate others. Some fine folks like John “Total Biscuit” Bain, Erik Kain (from The Wall Street Journal), and The Escapist Magazine tried to give a voice to all sides and have a serious discussion about the issues. But as I wrote on that post:

There is a clear set of agendas behind some in #GamerGate and the like that have nothing to do with games, journalism, ethics, or support for consumers but rather neo-atheist/MRAs with a clear anti-feminist agenda that simply have latched on to certain figures in the industry to vent their views upon.

In other words it backfired spectacularly.  One might even say, predictably. It is very difficult to extract gold out of a cesspool as The Escapist found out the hard way. Take this example by “Xbro”:

“I’ve personally been against the phenomena of ‘social justice warriors’, as well as the path certain gaming publications have taken in recent years (more and more discussions on morals, feminism, misogyny and other non-game related issues, and less talk about actual games and the industry).”

If this is “I don’t want your girl cooties in my video games” rant, I don’t know what is. One interview got cut out because the person interview has a track record of harassing people online, including contributors to the magazine.  This is the kind of raising the ghetto walls that Michal of the excellent One Last Sketch blog and I have talked about.  The only thing that I can do is once again make a call to burn down the wagons and move on from this sorry state of affairs.

Well I ranted long enough, now lets have a look at this week’s post:

So much for this week and thanks for all the fish!



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