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Weekend Roundup: September 28 – October 4


Tweet of the Day: Rising from the Ashes



A short week here on the blog but a momentous one, I think. I only posted twice, but the second post took quite a bit out of me. I tried very hard to put my thoughts about a difficult subject down in a coherent manner. Success will depend on reader reaction. But I am delving deeper into the issues of game design, game theory, and how they tie in to other areas of my work such as writing. Long time readers already know that you can learn quite a bit from other forms of media and video games are not different. As a writer I am more comfortable in the world of literary theory than video game theory. I’m trying to find my voice in that space as well. Video games are struggling not so much to establish themselves but to define themselves and I hope I can contribute in a small way to the conversation. But you are here to catch up to the week in posts so:

Well I hope that you are having a great weekend and I see you tomorrow. Until then….


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