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Mass Effect/AEC: Alliance Military Doctrine


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Excerpt from Modern Galactic War by Paul Malthus, 3rd Edition , Made available for Extranet Scholastic Use by  The Institute of War and Diplomacy, Vancouver Metroplex, North American Union, Earth, 2190 (1st Edition published by Banabar Books in 2184).

 Systems Alliance Navy

The Alliance Navy is the senior branch of the Systems Alliance Military. It is tasked with the following missions:

  • Protect Alliance space from external attack.
  • Police trade routes within Alliance space.
  • Prosecute any conflict within and outside of Alliance space as dictated by the Alliance Parliament.
  • Assist allied forces in maintaining peace and security within Citadel Space.

In order to fulfill its mission parameters the Navy has adopted a doctrine of deterrence vis-à-vis any present or future threat. This doctrine calls for rapid reaction fleets to garrison key mass relay junctions. From there they can react with overwhelming force against nearby threats or stop an advancing enemy. If the threat continues then the Navy engages in mobile warfare with the objective of bypassing enemy strong points and attacking vulnerable targets such as shipyards, depots, mining, manufacturing and command centers thus stripping the enemy of its ability to wage war. This requires real time intelligence on possible threats. For this reason the navy has invested heavily on frigates. Beyond the traditional screening and wolf pack tactics, frigates (See: Unit Roles in Large Fleet Actions pag. 397) also serve as long range reconnaissance, insertion/support of special forces, rapid reaction units, and interdiction of enemy supply lines/lines of communication. With the advent of such technologies as stealth drives, advance cybernetic warfare suites, cyclonic barriers, Thanix cannons, and rotary Javelin missile launchers, the modern frigate serves as a fast attack ship and stealth reconnaissance vessel. Frigate crews have adopted the unofficial motto of, “Frigates Lead the Way!”, since they are often the first ship on the scene.

The shift toward the use of frigates as long range patrol craft has allowed the Alliance cruiser to become a pure gun platform. Alliance cruisers dispense with spaces for extra cargo or fighters. Every meter of the hull is crammed with the essentials such as armor, electronic warfare systems, barrier generators, and guns. Alliance cruisers come a respectable second behind asari designs in the areas of sturdiness, exceed salarian’s in endurance, and match turian designs in primary long range firepower while outgunning them on the number of broadsides.  Dreadnoughts fill the same duties as in other Citadel forces, although Alliance dreadnoughts tend to come up short between 100 to 300 meters shorter than the dreadnoughts in other navies. They are still powerful but tend to under perform in the area of their primary armament compared to other Citadel forces.

The Alliance still holds the lead on fleet carriers. While not particularly powerful in their own right, they offer a level of operational flexibility unmatched by any other unit. Carriers based fighter squadrons can strike space or planetary targets on their own accord, screen friendly units from enemy fighters, and engage enemy warships. Carriers can be reconfigured to carry a large amount of troops and support planetary landings with fighters, gunships, and shuttles. And in the absence of a dreadnought, carriers fill in the role of flag ship, serving as command and control nodes for a fleet.

The combination of platforms allows the navy to field a powerful yet doctrinally flexible force capable of dealing with most conventional scenarios.


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