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Ties that Bind

Tweet of the Day: Before the fall- Part 2


As many of you know, I am an avid gamer of both video games and tabletop RPGs. When you combine that fact with a passion for writing you end up with the desire to give your game characters a bit more than a name, class, and level. I conjured quite a few of these character write-ups and I like to share one with you today. This particular short involves my character in the game of Hellas: Worlds of Sun & Stone (follow the link for more information) a interesting mix of Greek legends and space opera.


Ties that Bind

Delta Five Fortress in orbit around Athenoi

Orion waited for his guests in the banquet hall. He usually ate with the rest of the soldiers in the main mess but protocol demanded that high status visitors be catered to, especially if they were family. His sister Psyche, strode into the hall on silver sandals and covered in a tunic of dark brown with golden embroidery. Chthonic colors that linked their house to ancient traditions of land and wealth, traditions that some said preceded the Twelve. He wore the white and blue tunic of the Athenoi Navy over his pilot’s uniform, white for the clouds he flew through and blue for the seas sailors sailed from the beginning of time.

So good to see you again, sister. This visit was…unexpected,” said Orion with a hint of a smile.

She moved with practiced grace but to Orion’s expert eyes her posture was almost mechanic, programmed to impose her will on those around her.

Mighty is the weight on your shoulders, dear sister.

He waited for Psyche to take her seat at the table before joining her, plates of olives, onions and barley bread in hand.

She sniffed at the food, “No servants?”

This is a military outposts. Soldiers do all the chores. No space for civilians let alone slaves. Besides I will not trust my life to someone who serves as the whim of another and not of his own volition,” said Orion.

What about Demetrius?” said Psyche between sips of wine.

There it was, the old accusation. One of the reasons Psyche hated him so much. One of the things that brought so much misery to his family.

Demetrius died doing his duty, as his father knew so well. I should not have promised to bring him home safe, but I did, and it cost me,” said Orion with a heavy sigh.

Cassiopeia, the price of your brash words, brother and the final stab that destroyed our alliance with Euripides’ House,” said Psyche.

So old Euripides still rails against our House?” Orion asked.

Every time he visits the Angora, which is all too often these days. And I for one don’t blame him. A dead son and a marriage arrangement destroyed. The shame of it is enough drive any man insane,” said Psyche. She gave Orion an unflinching stare.

There was no love between Cassiopeia and me when I returned with her brother’s ashes. I pledged to return but she did not wait and I for one, don’t blame her. And before you talk about duty to family, remember that I have also a duty to the State, which I have and will continue to fulfill. Cassiopeia knew it, Demetrius knew it and Euripides knew it. Again, it is not my fault they can not accept it,” said Orion.

Psyche put her knife down, “It is never your fault, is it Orion? You stole the woman your brother loved, a woman I considered a sister, then discarded her-”

Orion cut her off, “I did no such thing, dear sister.”

Psyche pressed on, “when she was of no use to you. You made brash promises you knew you could not keep. And now you hide out here while I shoulder the burden of House and Home alone.”

Orion looked at his sister with pensive eyes. She was a civilian, and a politician at that. She did not understand the weight on his shoulders, the responsibility to defend their home world from any attacker, the need for men and women like him to sacrifice their lives if need be for the greater good. She would never understand.

So, you come all this way to reopen all wounds?” asked Orion.

No, I came to warn you that I can no longer protect you against Euripides wrath, dear brother. You are now on your own.


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