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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Celebrations Come to a Close


Tweet of the Day: Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B)


From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

November 1, 2196

Celebrations Comes to a Close

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – The month long celebration to celebrate the victory over the Reapers ended with a concert from the Megara Stadium on Rannoch. The concert had over 90 billion concurrent extranet viewers across Citadel space, a new post-Invasion record. Among the many artist present was the ever popular quarian singer/songwriter Arana vas Harra, the asari pop-synth group The Three Sisters and the drell/salarian trans-space ambient DJ duo Star Clash. The highlight of the show was a duet by quarian folk singer Sycha vas Ylan and Mercedes Locklear of Andayala’s Lament a pre-exile song about a young quarian who dies in a newly discovered world dreaming of his home town of Andayala.

Concert producers announced that they raised over a billion credits for the Hera Foundation, a human/asari charity dedicated to support asari refugees fleeing the civil war in that sector space.


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