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Weekend Roundup: August 17-23


Tweet of the Day: Boost Story Conflict By Exploring the Dark Side of Your Hero’s Best Qualities


Many moons ago I got into blogging out of frustration with politics. I needed an outlet to express my views and generally vent about it all. But along the way it consumed me in a very unhealthy way. The last couple of weeks have felt eerily similar So it is time for step back and unplug from reality from a bit.  Reality remains as ugly as ever and my inability to change that detracts from my health. Yes, I am being selfish, but sometimes you have to just a little bit selfish. Now that we are done with that bit of introspective, let’s see what this week brought us:

So, as summer winds down and the kids are ready to go back to school, what are you plans for the rest of the year?


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