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Weekend Roundup: August 10-16


Tweet of the Day: If you’re a cisgender woman writing m/m romance, sorry, you are not striking a blow for equality


I wanted to write a post on the situation in Ferguson, MO, but the flow of information is chaotic and unreliable to say the least. It will take sometime for things to calm down. I would like to say that it will take sometime for the truth to come out as well, but I’ve already seen the dueling narratives start to harden around the incident: wanton thug vs. heroic cop, racist cop vs. innocent teen, brave police vs. crazed looters, peaceful protester vs. militarized police, aggressive cops vs. heroic reporters, attention seeking media vs. officers enforcing the law….

Well you get the gist of it. But there is some hope, police marching with demonstrators, young men protecting stores from looters. But a reminder to all, there can never be freedom without peace, and no peace without justice.

And now for this week’s posts:

So much for this week. See you around and I hope you are having a wonderful summer.


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