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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Embassy Bugged


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ANN News Desk

October 22, 2196

Systems Alliance Embassy Bugged

by Iris Dunnigan

PRESIDUM, CITADEL– The C-Sec investigation following the attempt on Commander Thompson-Ramos life (see: Headlines October 11) discovered an alarming number of bugs and multiple spy programs embedded on the Systems Alliance Embassy’s computers and facilities. Among the devices found where nanite clusters on the wall carpeting, spy software incorporated into the operating systems of the embassy’s computers, and several VI’s with corrupted communications algorithms. C-Sec cybercrimes division is working with Alliance Intelligence in finding the source of the surveillance hardware as well as the nature and volume of the data transmitted to third parties. The exact volume, nature, or sensitivity of the data is unknown at this time.

Ambassador Chen Wei-Len has been recalled to Arcturus Station for consultations with the Systems Alliance Parliament.



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