Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday: Lessons of War Snippet


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As you can see by the large banner ad a the top of this post I signed up to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday web ring. It is a web ring of, well you guessed it, speculative fiction writers to showcase bits of their work. I’ve decided to show a few lines of my current WiP, Lessons of War:

 Mother and I stayed in the dining hall after everyone else cleared the table with our handmaidens, Minerva and Athena. I waited in absolute silence for mother’s inevitable question.

“So, if the reports are accurate you had a pleasant evening with the young Duke deHavilland,” she said.

“We spoke, yes.”

“I see. Interesting. While the possibilities are obvious I am not ready to place my bets on an untested stallion,” she said.

“He is not a horse mother!” I blurted out.

The words echoed in the empty hall. I waited under mother’s steely gaze for what seemed like an eternity

“I see. Well, I’ve said my piece. Make of it what you will,” she said as she got up from the table.

I took it exactly for what it meant, an order to stay away from Edward until such time as she deemed it politically advantageous.  The Archduchesses had spoken and the Lady Elector had to obey.


Please visit the site and check out the great collection of authors within. If you want to catch up on this week’s post the links are below.


You thought I forgotten about the Weekend Roundup, nope just decided to spice things up a bit:

I hope you are having a magnificent summer. Cheers!



8 comments on “Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday: Lessons of War Snippet

  1. Now is she referring to procreative ability or something else?


  2. Welcome to SFFSat! I enjoyed the snippet – I’ll look forward to seeing some more after we come off hiatus.


  3. Minerva and Athene? Are the handmaidens wiser than their mistresses?


    • More like keepers of the wisdom of their respective mistresses. Part of their jobs is to offer wise counsel, but there more to it than that. Their names reflect a fuller vision of what each handmaiden is expected to be. Athena after all is a goddess of Wisdom, War and guardian of a woman’s Virtue (not necessary their Virginity). Minerva has similar aspects but in the areas of trade and strategy.


  4. Wow, ‘untested stallion’ has to be one of the bluntest put downs I’ve ever read. I’d hate to get on her bad side. 😛


    • The Archduchess is not one to mince words when it comes to her daughter and the future of her House. Then there is the back story between the Houses but that is a tale for another day…. 😉


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