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Mass Effect: Anvil


Tweet of the Day:  Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) “A Difference Of Opinion”



Galeena waved the first platoon sergeant over to her, “Sergeant, sitrep.”

“Upper works secured. We counted over thirty dead, no prisoners, ma’am,” he said.

“What about our casualties?” asked Galeena.

“Five wounded, the medics are patching them up now….” the sergeant said.

Galeena noted the man’s hesitation,”And?”

“Five dead, including lieutenant Var’Tas,” the sergeant said.

The lieutenant was a popular leader. He distinguished himself early in training and always lead from the front.  She noticed that the other members of the platoon congregated around Specter Williams.  She remember how Williams barked orders over the comm net in the middle of the battle. She must have seen the lieutenant go down and took charge over the situation.

“Very well sergeant, see to your platoon,” said Galeena.

“Yes, ma’am,” the gave Galeena a batarian style salute, an arm across the chest.

Specter Williams stood at the edge of the central shaft that led down to the mining site.

“A hundred meters is a long drop even with jet packs. And whoever is down there must be expecting us,” said Williams.

“That’s why,” Galeena pointed a group of batarian troopers carrying large tripods, “we brought these.”

“Drones?” asked Williams.

“Not just any drone. Specialist Durgar, are the mechs ready to go?” asked Galeena.

“Heavy mechs delivered. Just waiting for the go ahead, Major,” said Specialist Durgar.

“Cloak and deploy the drones,” ordered Galeena.

Three of the drones took off and vanished. The specialist guided them with his omni-tool. A holo showed what the drones saw as they descended down the dark shaft. At the bottom they found a well lit round chamber, about one hundred and fifty meters in diameter. The whole place was full of boxes and assorted mining equipment.

“We got movement,” said the specialist.

Galeena peered the specialist shoulder. She noticed an enemy hidden behind a stack of boxes. Another drone caught a glimpse of three more around a automated turret. The specialist guided the drones around the area. He marked each group of enemies. He also noted the a side tunnel wide enough for a rover to drive through.

“Ma’am, the energy cells on those drones won’t last long while cloaked,” warned the specialist.

“I know. Second platoon get ready to drop. Sergeant, I want first platoon to secure the upper side tunnels. Don’t want anyone dropping behind us. Second platoon, we jump on my mark. First platoon, go,” ordered Galeena.

First platoon broke into three squads. The jumped down the shaft. As each squad reached the mouth of each tunnel, they activated their jet packs and flew in. Behind them came the lift-loaders carrying four heavy mechs.

“Specialist, de-cloak the drones when the mechs hit the ground. Standard attack pattern. Second platoon, on my mark.”

The members of second platoon walked to the edge of the shaft, Specter Williams among them.


They jumped into the hole. The walls raced past them. Seconds before hitting the ground the jet backs kicked in. Galeena hit the ground, tucked and rolled. The drones blasted enemy squads out of their hiding places. Mechs alternated between heavy machine gun fire and rockets. Rounds from grenade launchers arched through the air. The area reverberated with the thunder of gunfire. Galeena spotted a cluster of enemies setting up a turret to her right. A blue aura surrounded her as she lunged forward. The impact of her biotic charge slammed an enemy soldier against the wall. The other two laid sprawled on the floor. Galeena drew her M-5 Phalax from her holster, aimed the  the gun’s laser sight on the head of the nearest soldier and pulled the trigger. The enemy’s helmet shattered in a spray of ceramic shards and thick red blood.  She took out the third target with a shot between the eyes. She took a deep breath and summed her biotic aura. Galeena zipped through the battlefied in a blue blur of motion. She hit one group of enemies after the other.

“Watch the flank, enemy reinforcements inbound,” said Williams over the radio.

A group of enemy soldiers emerged from the side tunnel. Their combined fire brought down a heavy mech. It crumpled in a shower of sparks. Two other heavy mechs engaged the newcomers. The drones joined in the fray. Williams took down the leader with a well aimed shot from her sniper rifle. With support from the mechs, second platoon eliminated the threat to the flank.

Galeena looked around and surveyed the carnage. One mech destroyed, a handful of medi-gel ready injuries and three dozen enemy dead.

“Second platoon, secure the area,” ordered Galeena.

A platoon of engineers dropped down from above.

“Captain Jur’Gen, I want a complete sweep of this place, top to bottom and sideways. Pirates love their booby traps,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” said captain Jur’Gen. An hour later he emerged from the side tunnel, “Major T’iala, I think you may want to see this.”

Galeena followed the captain into the tunnel.  It branched into several smaller entrances. Jur’Gen turned into the first one to their  right. Inside they found a warehouse full of boxes from floor to ceiling.

“Explosive?,” asked Williams.

Jur’Gen popped open a box,”You need a very powerful electric charge to detonate unrefined element zero.”

Galeena glanced at the piles of boxes, “How much?”

“A lot, ma’am. About fifteen hundred grams per box. Two hundred boxes and counting,” he said.

Galeena turned to Williams, “Well Williams, my people have proven they can take on the tough assignments. And this trove of eezo will certainly make new operations easier.”

“I’ll pass the word to the Council and the Alliance that the Batarian Free Forces are now in business,” said Williams.


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