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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-What is Trident?


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From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

October 22, 2196

“What is Trident?”

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN- “What is Trident?” is the question on the mind every Champions of the Terminus fan. With over 4.7 billion viewers throughout Citadel space (and many more  views on pirate sites across the Terminus) the show has become a runaway success. The action-drama focuses on a team of mercenaries battling pirates, slavers and other ruffians across the Terminus systems. But savvy salarian fans discovered a series of recurring messages embedded in the background of the show as well as in the dialogue of secondary characters that hint at something they called Trident. According to list of clues posted at a one of the top shows forums the appearance of a three prong spear or mentions tied to it break down as follows:

  • 27 appearances of a trident like symbol, weapon, badges, flags or other three pronged tools.
  • 111 mentions of the word trident either directly or embedded in names or references to Earth’s Greco-Roman, Hindu, and East Asian mythologies.
  • 55 analogues to the word in other Citadel languages, mainly asari, salarian, and turian ancient dialects.

While some may write this off as wild fan speculation, leaked but unsourced images from an as of yet aired episode show the character,  Napolix Tripych, talking with three figures cloaked in shadow. Napolix is the leader of a band of marauders that are the main antagonist in the show. Some fans have pointed out that the character’s surname means, “a three-fold piece of art,” in several human languages.  The show’s producers have refused to comment on the subject. The show’s mid season finale will air on November 12.



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