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Weekend Roundup: July 27 – August 2

Tweet of the Day: The Dog At His Heels


First of all, allow me to apologize for not posting last weeks roundup. I’m alive and well, so no worries there. Not that you actually worried, but if you did, well…thank you.

Now for the weather….

I wrote the words, “Rain, rain, go away!” earlier this year and guess what, it did go away, to the point that we are in a drought. Yet, right now, at this very moment, a tropical storm by the lovely name of Bertha, is passing right over us. On the one hand it means that Hurricane Season 2014 is officially upon us. On the other, it also means we get much needed rain. In fact island wide rationing is (still) schedule to start next Monday. I don’t know how much rain this storm will bring, it may be enough to alleviate the drought but I doubt it will end it. We will need at least a week worth of heavy rain to end it. But for now, we are counting our mixed blessings. Let’s see what this week brought us blog wise:

That’s it, just three post this week. Hope it is sunny and cheerful wherever you are. Until next week.


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