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Mass Effect/AEC:Krogan Military Doctrine (2)


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Excerpt from Modern Galactic War by Paul Malthus, 3rd Edition , Made available for Extranet Scholastic Use by  The Institute of War and Diplomacy, Vancouver Metroplex, North American Union, Earth, 2190 (1st Edition published by Banabar Books in 2184).

Krogan Weaknesses

While the krogan proved instrumental in turning the tide against the Reapers, they suffer from several chronic strategic weaknesses that limit their mobility and combat power. The key areas are:

  1. Space forces.
  2. Manufacturing base
  3. Unified political leadership

The treaty that ended the Krogan Rebellions stipulated that the krogan would never again have a navy of any size. All FTL capable military vessels were to be decommissioned along side any support facilities such as shipyards, factories, or training areas. To ensure that the krogan could not build a naval force in secret the Citadel Council took two crucial steps. The first established turian monitored Krogan Demilitarized Zone (KDZ). Any and all ships entering the system would be search and any armed ship capable of FTL flight were either forced to land or be destroyed forthwith. This left the krogan dependent on allied navies for transport and support during the Invasion. While their allies were keen to provide as much assistance as possible, the lack of logistical control limited the options available to krogan commanders and slowed down their reaction to emergent enemy threats. The second put in place a strict embargo on element zero exports to Tuchanka, thus cutting off a vital component of starship design. After the war the krogan have been allowed to rebuild a robust merchant fleet and negotiations are ongoing on setting limits around armaments, defenses, and dual use roles such as (but not limited to) corvettes or escort carriers.

The restrictions on eezo highlight the collapse of the krogan manufacturing base. Nuclear war, rebellions and a state of near constant conflict for the past thousand years have grounded any sort of manufacturing base to dust. Outside of small cottage industries that hand craft weapons or upgrade armor, most of the weapons are imported from off world under the watchful eye of the Turian Space Forces. Like the salarians, the krogan rely on micromanufacturing to keep their systems operational in the short run, but do so at the expense of long term endurance. The krogan mitigate this by using equipment known for their ruggedness in the field. However this is nowhere near a coherent logistical supply system required for extended out of area (i.e. Tuchanka) operations.

The last area of concern is political. The post-Invasion unity government remains fragile. In the past krogan forces relied on the forceful and charismatic leadership of their warlords to lead their forces into battle. The krogan fought multiple wars across the centuries against the Council. Every time a powerful warlord died a half dozen others rushed to fill his place. Warlords continued to guide local politics after the deployment of the genophage. Without a strong central government that can offer both strong leadership to the new armed forces while maintaining amicable relationships with the Council the rebuilding of krogan civilization will fail. And this time the krogan may not survive the aftermath.


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