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Weekend Roundup: July 13-19


Tweet of the Day: Playground Time Machine


In Europe summer was the, “campaign season.” In spite of tales of heroic knights and conquering kings, the host of any army was made of peasants. And peasants plant fields in spring and harvest in the fall. So summer, with its sun baked fields and long days was perfect for war. Whether it was besieging a rebel baron’s castle or rampaging through the streets of a fortified town in search of plunder, summer was the time of glinting mail, bloody clashes, and decisive action. Now war is waged around the clock, any time, anywhere. Of course the romanticism we imbue those long ago battles make the current conflicts seem far crueler, but the truth is that by sword or bomb, it is the peasant that dies in the name of his lord.

But enough of that, let us see what this week brought us:

I hope you are having a more pleasant and peaceful summer where ever you are.


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