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Wizards’ World War(s.3) Dispatch 27: The End of the Beginning (P.2)


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Eastern Mediterranean Ocean, 7 k.m. Northeast of Sant’Agat di Militello, Regione Siciliana, Rebupplica italiana, 15 October, 19:25 hrs +1 GMT

Lieutenant Mathilda Kathy Jones, call sign,”Jailbird”, peered through the helmet mounted display across the moonless night in search of targets. She selected and drew a box around each enemy torpedo boat with the thumb stick in the collective control. The computer tallied the target and assigned a missile to each. The Apache pilot, Captain Ben “Hill” Lawson sat above and behind her. He scanned the dark sky above them in search for the signs of the enemy. The first time the squadron encountered a dragon it cost them two helicopters and four crew.

“All targets assigned,” said Jailbird over the comm.

“Verify target selection,” ordered Hill.

She swept the Apache’s sophisticated sensor array across the marina. She counted five torpedo boats. She spotted another one hanging from a crane. She selected another missile and targeted the crane bound torpedo boat.

“All targets accounted for,” she said.

“Trident lead to Trident flight, target locked. Standing by to engage,” said Hill over the radio.

The pilot in the second section of two radio back, “Targets checked and accounted for.”

“All units, engage assigned targets,” ordered Hill.

Hellfire missiles slip from the wing mounted launchers in fiery salvos. A second later violent explosions rocked the marina. Torpedo boats disintegrated into flaming chaff. One ton torpedo warheads cratered the concrete quays. Stacks of oil barrels spewed angry red flames that flared white hot on the infrared scopes. Surviving crews ran to and fro in a futile attempt to put out the inferno.

“Well done Trident Flight. Egress  to Poseidon,” said Hill.

The Apaches banked hard right and flew back to HMS Ocean.

One flaming distraction delivered.


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