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TV Tropes: Lady and Knight


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A Lady and her Knight, a tale as old as time. It may be a prince come to rescue his princess, or a steadfast bodyguard standing by their lordship or ladyship. They both may be capable in battle, with one wielding a sword and another a stave (or wand or book of spells, perhaps a bow even). They may be of the same sex or not (at least these days, anyway) which may or may not prevent a romance to develop between them.

The key to this trope is the feudal nature of their relationship. Often the Knight, if he currently holds that rank, may be nobility, but he is  fighting man, that is a soldier first, an aristocrat second. The reverse is true for the Lady. Romance could be very tricky, although courtly love allowed for platonic relationships. Still the existence of this trope requires a sort of feudal arrangement with all the moral, cultural, and other tropes attached to it, even if it is somewhere in a galaxy far far away. Less often seen is a genuine friendship based on respect even if there is a gulf between the status of the participants. A bond based on mutual respect can be an interesting take on the relationship.


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